Cleat Angle Adjuster Pack Instructions

Cleat Angle Adjuster Pack Instructions

*Cleat Angle Adjuster Packs are compatible with Shimano SPD-SL Systems*

Included in the pack:
(2)- 2 degree adapters
(2)- 1 degree adapters
(2)- 12mm torque screws
(4)- 14mm torque screws

Tools required for installation:
-Torque screwdriver
-Marking Utensil (pen)

Determining the existing angle/tilt of your foot/cleat: 
Working with either a certified bike fitter, foot measuring device, or angle app (Protractor App available on Google Play / Apple App Store), determine the natural angle of each foot.

1. While kneeling on a chair or bench backwards, allow your feet to air hang over the edge
2. Place the flat surface of the protractor on the base of your foot. Note the angle from the center of the heel to the highest tilt point of the side of your foot (Either angles up towards the inside or up towards the outer edge of the foot.)


3. Determine the correct number with adjusters to use to correct foot angle:
      a. 0-2 degrees = 0 Cleat adjusters
      b. 2-6 degrees= (1)- 1-degree cleat adjuster
      c. 6-12 degrees= (1)- 2-degree cleat adjuster
      d. 12+ degrees= Stacking (1) 1-degree and (1) 2-degree cleat adjusters
4. In preparation for installing a cleat adapter, use the marking utensil to draw a reference mark around the base of your existing cleat so that you know the correct placement when re-applying cleats after adjusters are added in-between cleat and shoe sole.
5. Remove Cleat, clean
6. Install pre-determined cleat adjusters
7. Monitor alignment of adjusters, making sure they do not hang over the front of the cleat, potentially hindering engagement when clipping in pedal
8. Monitor alignment and tighten screws back into the cleat
9. Go for a test ride to monitor pedal stroke / foot alignment / and knee angle with newly inserted cleat adjusters